As our towns and cities expand and regenerate, there is additional pressure on the urban environment to cope with an increasing population. With pressure on air pollution, ambient noise levels and daylight availability, developments need to consider not just their impact on noise, air and daylight, but also their design such that air pollution and noise are kept to a minimum, yet maximising daylight availability. As a consequence, Local Planning Authorities are more frequently requesting noise, air quality and daylight assessments to be included with planning applications.

As specialist Urban and Suburban Environmental Consultants, we provide technical environmental services to architects, planning consultants, property developers and homeowners. We are one of a few companies able to offer noise, air quality and daylight/sunlight assessments under one roof, therefore reducing the number of consultants you are dealing with and simplifying your planning application.

We offer a range of services including:

At Hawkins Environmental we can assist with:

  • Planning Applications
  • Pre-App Submissions
  • Planning Appeals
  • Masterplanning
  • Planning Conditions
  • Planning Objections
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Site Suitability Assessments
  • Code for Sustainable Homes - Hea 1 Daylighting
  • BREEAM - Hea 05; Pol 05 & Hea 01

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